Helping you
chase your dreams...!

We've chosen to set our reputation alongside a bold purpose - to help organizations and individuals realize their vision and dreams by delivering quality in accounting, auditing and taxation services.

We Audit

Current scenario is audited to trigger out every loop holes

We Redesign

Redesign current accounting system to minimize the risk of errors

We Supervise

External supervision by accounting and auditing experts.

Why choose us?

Capella is helping entrepreneurs and companies solve their most pressing challenges through three integrated services — Accounting, Auditing and Taxation. The insights and quality services we provide help us build trust and confidence among our clients and communities. Everything we do and achieve is only possible because of our people - working together to achieve a common purpose: to help people chase their dreams.

Our values - integrity for life, positive difference, disciplined actions, inspiring teamwork and reinvent tomorrow - underpin everything we do. From the conception, we maintain the ethical code of conduct and values set forth by the promoters to ensure trustworthiness in business practices.

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Our Features

Save Money

No salary, accommodation & benefits, computer or software, organizational resources required.


Tightly control access to your information. Keep your information private, and only use it for agreed purposes.


Fully integrated financial reports with graphical presentation of values, powerful trend analysis and financial insights.


Financial operations are not affected by staff resignation, sick leave etc

Our Services

You can now replace your accountant with our more professional solutions, resources and qualified services to help you focus more on your core business. We take care of your


We Have Presence Everywhere

We started serving entrepreneurs and companies in Al Ain a year ago. We now serve over 700 clients with presence in all seven emirates of the country with offices in three emirates.


Office 701,PO Box 171456
Al Attar Tower,Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, U.A.E

Al Ain

Office No 36
Bin Ham Properties
Al Ain, U.A.E


Al Khor Tower
A7 Musherif
Ajman, U.A.E

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