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Corporate TAX

Get Your Company Registered For Corporate Tax  In just 5 Minutes

Comprehensive corporate tax services in Dubai, UAE. Ensure compliance and maximize tax benefits. Expert guidance for efficient tax planning and reporting.

All businesses in the UAE must do these 3 things:



Register for corporate tax from June 2023 onwards.

  • Your business will be subject to corporate tax from your first financial year starting on or after 1 June 2023.

  • Every business will need to register for corporate tax, including free zone companies and freelancers.

  • Corporate tax is separate from VAT. Even if you already have a VAT number, you will still need to register for corporate tax.


Keep proper accounting records.

  • The UAE’s corporate tax law requires specific accounting records to be kept.

  • Our team can help with your accounting and bookkeeping requirements and ensure your reporting is compliant with the law.

  • Your company’s tax obligations will depend on what your accounting records say about your business.

Example: If you are exempt from corporate tax or if you qualify for the Small Business Relief rule, your accounting records must support your position.


File a corporate tax submission with the FTA.

  • This step needs to be done after the end of your first taxable period.

  • Even if you qualify for an exemption or tax relief, you still need to declare this by filing a tax submission with the FTA.

  • Our highly experienced tax advisors can ensure that you benefit from any exemption or tax relief which is available to you.

IMPORTANT:  While not all businesses will have to pay corporate tax, every business – even those in free zones – must comply with these three steps.


How much is the corporate tax in the UAE?


0 % Tax Rate

Businesses with annual net profits of up to AED 375,000 are subject to a 0% tax rate.


AED 375,000 = 0% Tax Rate


9 % Tax Rate

Businesses are subject to a 9% tax rate on annual net profits that exceed AED 375,000.


AED 375,000 = 9% Tax Rate


Different Tax Rate

Large multinational companies may be subject to a higher tax rate, subject to Pillar Two of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project. Companies with a total global revenue of over EUR 750 million (around AED 3.15 billion) will belong to this category.


AED 3.5 billion = Higher Tax Rate

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