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Tax Agent Services

Registered Tax Agents in Dubai, UAE

Tax Agent in UAE

Capella Tax Consultancy L.L.C is one of the Registered Tax Agents in UAE. Capella Tax Consultancy L.L.C is authorized by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to be appointed as Tax Agent by the companies and businesses to represent them before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Tax Agency (TAN) : 30000939   |   TAAN : 20011987

Tax Agent

In Dubai, a tax agent is usually appointed to represent another person before the Federal Tax Authority. A tax agent in Dubai manages a company's tax obligations and ensures that all of its operations comply with FTA rules and regulations. In the UAE, Capella Tax Consultancy is an FTA-approved and certified tax agent. We ensure VAT compliance as a Tax Agent in Dubai, UAE, to serve all businesses. Capella Tax Consultancy, a registered tax agent in the UAE, acts as a go-between for the Federal Tax Authority and taxable individuals. In front of the FTA, Capella Tax Consultancy represents your company as a taxable body.

Professional tax agent services in Dubai, UAE. Ensure compliance, maximize tax benefits, and minimize risks. Expert assistance for tax registration, filing, and representation. Contact us now for reliable tax agent services in Dubai, UAE.


Capella Tax Consultancy is constantly updating themselves on legal changes in order to eliminate the possibility of penalties for non-compliance with the new provisions. We assist you in better tax planning and distinguishing between the Dos and Don'ts.

What is a Tax Agent?

A Tax Agent is any person who is registered with the Authority in the Register and is appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before the Authority and assist him in fulfilling his Tax obligations and exercising his associated tax rights.


The FTA (Federal Law No. 7-of-2017 on Tax Procedure) states that "a Person may appoint an FTA Tax Agent to act in his name and on his behalf with regard to his tax affairs before the Authority, without prejudice to that Person's responsibility before the Authority."


Capella Tax Consultancy, Tax agent in Abu Dhabi, will be responsible for submitting all records, information, documents, and financial data to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on your behalf if requested. We will act as your Tax Agent to handle all tax matters with the FTA.

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Agent in UAE

A tax agent can handle all of a company's tax affairs, allowing the business owner and key management employees to focus on other important tasks. The Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures specifies the appointment of a tax agent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to represent taxable persons before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) regarding their tax affairs and taxable obligations.

The following are the benefits of working with a registered tax agent in Dubai and the UAE:

1. Assists in Tax Assessments & Tax Representations

The filing of returns and payments does not relieve tax agents of their responsibilities. They can be of more assistance during tax assessments and tax representations before federal tax authorities, which are more complex and require more expertise. A tax agent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, would assist and simplify all of these formalities for the taxpayer, easing his burden before the tax authorities.

2. Helps You Save Time & Money

Participating in the company's tax affairs requires a significant amount of time and effort. The duties and responsibilities are extensive, encompassing everything from VAT registration, VAT planning, and VAT advisory to regular VAT compliance in Dubai, UAE. Dedicating resources and managing tax affairs becomes a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Appointing a tax agent will not only save time and money, but will also provide additional benefits due to his unique knowledge and expertise in dealing with various clients.

3. Assists in Tax Implementation & Registration in Dubai, UAE

New and existing businesses registering for VAT in Dubai, may lack the necessary knowledge and expertise on how to register, plan, and implement VAT in their daily operations. Understanding business transaction processes and the VAT implications is required for VAT implementation. VAT compliance would be greatly simplified if the tax agent successfully implemented VAT implications across various business processes.

4. Assists You in Filing Your Returns Timely & Accurately

Filing returns with the Federal Tax Authority in Dubai U.A.E. is a routine task that must be completed on time and with great accuracy. The Federal Tax Authority imposes high penalties for late and inaccurate returns. A tax professional would help you plan and file your returns on time and accurately.

5. Acts as a Long-Term Advisor

A tax agent can serve as a long-term advisor on a variety of business transactions. They can advise you on any significant changes in government policies, changes in tax laws, tax-related updates, and other related clarifications.

The advantages of hiring a tax advisor outweigh the disadvantages. Hiring one for your business is the best decision you can make.

VAT Planning & Advisory Services

1. VAT planning in UAE

2. VAT advisory services

3. Recommending VAT registration as a single entity or a tax group

4. Applicability of reverse charge mechanism for Imports

5. Guide on Intra GCC trade

6. VAT training and awareness to staff

VAT Compliance Services

1. Ensure timely submission of VAT returns, reconciliation.

2. Review of VAT records, returns& reconciliation.

3. Providing advice on client’s clarifications and FTA notifications.

4. Representing before the FTA for tax matters.

5. Review and customization of source documents.

The role of a tax agent becomes important for proper monitoring of account books and other records. A tax agent would assist business owners in meeting their taxable obligations on time. Every taxable person must keep books of accounts and records for a minimum of five years.


Find CAPELLA TAX CONSULTANCY UAE, Leading VAT agents in UAE, Tax agents in Dubai, for more information, Inquire us today.

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