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VAT reconsideration

VAT Reconsideration in Dubai, UAE

VAT reconsideration in the UAE permits a taxable person to request a review of FTA's decision. All companies must be aware of the tax rules yo operate their company efficiently in the UAE. Companies who do not obey the Federal Tax Authority's (FTA) tax legislation will face VAT fines and penalties.

There are numerous instances where businesses follow the FTA's laws and regulations yet nonetheless face fines and penalties. In these instances, the taxpayer is unconvinced by FTA's conclusion. The taxpayer may request for VAT Reconsideration in such instances. Optimize VAT compliance with our VAT reconsideration services in Dubai, UAE. Expert assistance for accurate reporting and navigating complex regulations.


How to Apply for VAT Reconsideration in Dubai?

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is ready to reconsider its judgment on imposing penalties on businesses. This application can be submitted electronically to the authority requesting a review of the case and a reconsideration of the penalty. This application for UAE VAT reconsideration must be made within 20 working days of receiving the penalty. Anyone who has received a penalty can apply for VAT reconsideration in Dubai for any FTA judgment, and such an application must be made online in Arabic only.


If you are not happy with the FTA’s decision with the penalties have been imposed, you can file a VAT reconsideration request with the authority to review the FTA's decision (FTA).

Within 20 business days of notification of the decision, any legal or normal person can request that FTA reconsider its decision. The FTA requires the applicant to provide justifications for requesting a reconsideration of its judgment, which includes an examination of the alternative treatment that the applicant believes should have been used in its situation. The FTA will examine the request for reconsideration and, if the application meets the requirements, will provide a reasoned conclusion within 20 business days after receiving it. Within 5 business days following the decision's issue, the applicant will be notified. The application and supporting documentation must be written entirely in Arabic, according to the FTA.


What information does the VAT Reconsideration in UAE Form require?

  1. VAT Registration certificate

  2. Emirates ID used for registration

  3. Passport copy used for registration

  4. Registered mobile number and Memorandum of Association to check the affirmed individual.

  5. The amount of penalty

  6. The date of the penalty

  7. Detailed facts and data clarifying the reasons for reconsideration

Response Duration of UAE VAT Reconsideration.

A response to a valid and complete Clarification request could take up to 40 business days. The FTA will ask for more information if a request is incomplete, and a response can take up to 40 business days following the re-submission.

VAT reconsideration services in Dubai, UAE.
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