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Statutory audit

Statutory audit

Our industry-experienced auditors examine and determine whether a company is providing a fair and accurate representation of its financial position.

Statutory auditing is a legally required review of the accuracy of a company's financial records using auditing standards generally accepted in the country and obtaining an understanding of the entity's internal control by obtaining audit evidence through examination and inspection of books and stock, inquiry, observation, confirmations, analytical, and other procedures.

Our industry-experienced auditors examine and determine whether a company is providing a fair and accurate representation of its financial position.

According to UAE Federal Law No 2 of 2015 (Article 102 of the Commercial Companies Law 2015), a Limited Liability Company must have one or more auditors who are elected by the General Assembly of the partners each year, and, except as provided in Article (244) of this Law, the provisions governing auditors in public joint stock companies apply to the auditor of a Limited Liability Company. Article 246 Duties of Joint Stock Company Auditors states that the auditor is responsible for auditing the company's accounts, inspecting the balance sheet and profit and loss account, reviewing the company's transactions with related parties, and ensuring the application of the provisions of this Law and the Articles of Association.

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Upon preparing his report, the auditor shall confirm the following:

  • The degree of validity of the company's accounting records.

  • The degree of agreement between the company's records and the accounting records.

  • The auditor is responsible for reviewing all of the company's records, papers, and other documents. The auditor may request any explanations he deems necessary to carry out his duties.

  • The auditor may also verify the company's assets, rights, and obligations. If the auditor is unable to perform his duties due to a lack of facilities, he must state this in his report to the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors fails to assist the auditor's task, the auditor must send a copy of the report to the Authority.

  • The subsidiary and its auditor shall provide any information and explanations requested by the holding company's auditor for the purposes of audit.

Why Choose Capella Tax Consultancy LLC for Internal Audit Services

Adhering to a strict internal audit process is critical to ensuring the proper operation of the business. Capella Tax Consultancy provides comprehensive internal audit services in Dubai for various types of businesses, with the goal of improving business operations and providing high-quality consultancy services in this regard. Our disciplined and systematic approach to this service ensures better risk management, control, and, of course, governance. Capella Tax Consultancy is well known in Dubai, UAE for not only providing high-quality internal audit services, but also for its accountability and integrity. Furthermore, said services serve as an independent advising body to your company's management and collaborate with it to review all systems and procedures.

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