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Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Capella is a multidisciplinary team of experts skilled in financial and operational internal audits, business process evaluation, risk assessment, and internal controls, who supplement the organization's existing internal audit capabilities.


Internal auditing is a service that provides an unbiased and independent review of an organization's finances. Internal audit information assists professionals in mitigating organizational risk, controlling environments, and improving the effectiveness of strategies. An internal audit in Dubai can help a company streamline its finances and improve management. A professional auditor performs this service by evaluating an organization's books and controls and identifying weaknesses in the processes.

The internal auditors then devise a strategy to streamline the organization's processes and restore balance. Companies can work on critical business areas such as supply chain management with the assistance of professional auditors. When assessing or evaluating an organization's operations, certified auditors take a systematic and disciplined approach. They bring a methodical and experienced approach to the company, and they use their skills to improve their day-to-day operations.

Comprehensive internal audit services in Dubai, UAE. Enhance control, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance. Expert auditors for accurate assessments and actionable insights. Contact us now for professional internal audit solutions.

The Role Of An Internal Auditor

An internal audit offers its services to an organization by performing these three key roles.

Operational Analysis

The first step in providing an internal audit in Dubai is to review the company's operations and procedures. The auditor goes over the important documents and ensures that best practices are being followed in accordance with the company's goals. After reviewing these documents, the auditor reports their findings and works closely with management to improve the process in order to meet the firm's objectives.

Reviewing Compliance

An auditor stays current on industry standards and laws. They apply their knowledge to assist businesses in complying with the most recent legislation. The auditor explains the ramifications of noncompliance and ensures that the organization does not suffer as a result of poor compliance with industry regulations.

Recommending Controls

The evaluation of the effectiveness of the company's control is only the first step in Dubai internal audit. Following the evaluation, the auditor makes recommendations to improve the organization's control. They assist businesses in implementing effective controls that keep the organization focused on its objectives and goals. These controls also assist them in mitigating risks and avoiding losses caused by poor control.

The Objective of Internal Audit

An internal audit is primarily used to evaluate the operations of an organization. However, an audit has other objectives as well, which include:

Asset Protection

The auditing process includes asset verification and valuation. The asset is physically verified to ensure that the owner has legal possession of it. Transactions such as the sale and purchase of assets are also recorded and verified. This ensures that assets are safeguarded and properly valued.

Tracking Errors

The auditor will verify the financial statements and ensure no errors were made during the recording process when performing an internal audit in Dubai. The audit is performed at the end of the fiscal year, which means that the error will be discovered and corrected before the books are closed.

Fraud Detection

Detecting fraud becomes easier with regular internal audits. The auditor will keep an eye on the books and employees to ensure that there is no fraud. The time between the occurrence of fraud and its detection is also reduced, making it easier to identify and correct it.

Developing Better Accounting System

Internal audits thoroughly examine the firm's accounting system. Every transaction, voucher, sale, purchase, and expense will be verified as a result. Regular entry verification reduces the likelihood of errors and allows the organization to develop a better accounting system.

Reviewing Business

The primary goal of an internal audit in Dubai is to evaluate a company's operational and financial aspects. This means that during the fiscal year, regular audits can identify any errors and assist businesses in strengthening their operations.

Proper Control

An internal audit enables the company to maintain tight control over its operations. This improves the credibility of financial records and has an impact on the organization's efficiency.

The Advantages of Internal Auditing

An internal audit can help a company evaluate its operations throughout the year. Internal audits can help a company in a variety of ways, including:

Identifying Potential Enhancements

Audits are used not only to identify discrepancies, but also to identify ways and means to improve your business. These insights will enable you to implement best practices and improve your day-to-day operations.

Improved Decision Making

Internal audits can collect a lot of useful data, and reviewing it will allow you to make better decisions. The reports present the company's external image objectively and enable management to make decisions that will ensure success.

Analyzing Policy Implementation

Creating policies is one thing, but the status of implementation in Dubai can only be assessed through an internal audit. Internal audits allow you to assess the impact of your policies and strategies.

Improve the Company's Reliability

Internal audits enable the company to share its financial reports with shareholders while remaining transparent. By displaying these reports, you foster trust and dependability among management and shareholders.

Anticipating Problems and Solving Them

Internal audits can detect problems before they become a problem. This allows you to be prepared for potential problems and easily solve them as they arise.

Why Choose Capella Tax Consultancy LLC for Internal Audit Services

Adhering to a strict internal audit process is critical to ensuring the proper operation of the business. Capella Tax Consultancy provides comprehensive internal audit services in Dubai for various types of businesses, with the goal of improving business operations and providing high-quality consultancy services in this regard. Our disciplined and systematic approach to this service ensures better risk management, control, and, of course, governance. Capella Tax Consultancy is well known in Dubai, UAE for not only providing high-quality internal audit services, but also for its accountability and integrity. Furthermore, said services serve as an independent advising body to your company's management and collaborate with it to review all systems and procedures.

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